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Welcome to Green Light Solar

Here at Green Light Solar we know and understand the power of the sun. We recognize that the future of energy lies in the renewable resources, such as solar power, because once harnessed,  the power of the sun is free.

A record number of people are choosing Green Light Solar to equip their homes and businesses with solar power systems. You don’t need to spend long wondering why,  we are the No1 Company in Australia for Quality,  Service and Price.

Our mission is to free the public from the soaring costs of electricity bills by providing very high efficiency,  very reliable and extremely cost effective solar power systems.

When you choose Green Light Solar you know you are getting the highest quality products and specialists with expert knowledge. We don’t use contractors, unlike all the other solar companies; we use our own guys,  so quality of work is guaranteed. Coupled with this, to give you peace of mind for the long term,  we provide warranties for our solar power systems which far exceed the industry standard.

We work very hard to ensure that we deliver an excellent, personalized and comprehensive service to every customer, and we will make sure that you get the best returns on your investment.


The Earth receives more energy from the sun in one hour than the World uses in a year!

We need to start using this free energy - Now! It’s time to give solar the green light, talk to Green Light Solar now on 1300 651 902 and let our dedicated team show you how.


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