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iStore – Air to Energy systems utilise the latest compressor technology to naturally extract heat energy from the air and store it in the form of hot water for later use. Designed in Australia for Australian conditions, the iStore is one of the most cost-effective dual-purpose storage solutions available.

The iStore utilises refrigeration technology which is an incredibly efficient form of producing heating capacity since the first refrigerant gas was developed way back in 1928. The process is very similar to pumping up a bicycle tyre with a hand held pump; the more compression and pressure when using a bicycle tyre pump, the hotter the pump gets. This is essentially the same process as the iStore’s Hitachi compressor in action – creating heat from compression and transferring the thermal energy around the tank to heat the water inside the fully insulated cylinder.

For Australian households and businesses, the heating of hot water is the largest contributor of greenhouse gas emissions and energy costs. The iStore runs at an incredible 400% efficiency, and when synced with Solar Roof Solar Power, the hot water heating costs can be as low as 11 cents per day

The iStore model selection is very flexible and efficient under all circumstances, we recommend the 180L for up to four people in a water conscious household and the 270L for 5 or more. Where household use is very large over short periods we can also configure 2 x 180L units, we call this the Tandem 360L system. Call us and we can discuss your individual needs.


No – Fully customisable, the iStore incorporates 4 modes to suit every hot water application. From small households to large hot water demands, one iStore can produce over 2,500 litres of hot water in a 24hr period.

Of course – the iStore is not reliant on the sun shining. Extracting energy from the surrounding air, the iStore will provide reliable hot water day and night, all year round.

Compared to conventional gas and electric resistive hot water systems, the iStore surpasses the latest Australian Standards for safety. With an incredibly low power draw when in operation (less than a household kettle), the iStore seamlessly integrates with existing electrical infrastructure in any Australian home or business.

The team behind iStore invested over 10,000 man hours ensuring the compressor would be as quiet as possible, without sacrificing efficiency. The iStore has been independently tested to 46.6dB at 1m. It’s an amazing achievement and we’re proud to say we have one of the quietest systems available on the market.

Of course – checking with your insurance company is the first port of call. iStore recommends that your insurance company is notified and listed on your policy. We also suggest to check whether you have fusion protection in case of power surges.

If your football team stops over after your winning game then the iStore can respond with manual overrides. If you have your unit setup to sip the power from your PV system during the day only but have unexpected high demand you can simply switch modes, temperatures, and wake it up to run immediately. Call us and we can discuss intermittent high demands and how best to handle them.


By installing an iStore, you can save up to $1500 per year.

Installing an iStore is the equivalent of removing 4 tonnes worth of CO2 every year!

The best return on investment can be under 2 years when factoring in the replacement / purchase cost of a traditional hot water system.

Depending on your residing state in Australia,
customers replacing existing traditional hot water systems may be eligible for $800 to
$3000 off their system cost!


The most common installation location is on the ground, located outside the home. Custom solutions for tight / elevated areas can be designed, however please contact an iStore specialist to discuss your needs.

The 270L all-in-one iStore will require approximately 0.7m in width x 2.1m height.

Yes - the iStore can in fact be installed indoors as the refrigerant used is non-flammable and safe to be installed indoors. Provision for adequate fresh air to unit location shall be provided. Contact iStore to discuss your site-specific needs.

Typically, an installation of the iStore will take between 2-3 hours to complete. In almost all installation scenarios you will have hot water again the same evening of installation.

Yes - the iStore is an ideal replacement for existing gas or electric hot water systems. In fact, installing an iStore when replacing existing hot water systems takes about the same time as installing a traditional gas or electric hot water system.


Yes - the iStore is very easy to maintain. After your iStore is installed and commissioned, maintenance required is very minimal.

iStore recommends that a 5 year service be conducted to ensure the system is working at maximum efficiency.

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