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About SunPower

SunPower is an American based solar panel manufacturer that is considered one of the premium players in the solar panel market. Formed in 1985, SunPower began developing cutting-edge solar cell technologies through both government and private funding. In 2005, SunPower opened its first solar panel factory in the Philippines. SunPower modules are today produced in China, Mexico and the Philippines. SunPower is one of the most respected solar panel manufacturers and with their large US brand presence, they continue to set the standards for their competitors in the solar panel industry.






SunPower Performance Solar Panels

SunPower Performance solar panels combine conventional cells with 35 years of materials and manufacturing expertise, to deliver panels that surpass the performance, reliability and aesthetics of conventional panels.

Since 2015, innovative shingled cell SunPower Performance panels have been delivering the enhanced reliability and durability that energy providers demand. With more than 3GW deployed to date and backed by an international portfolio of patents to secure their technology advantage, we expect SunPower Performance to be a force in the market for many years to come.



SunPower Maxeon 400W Solar Panels

Fundamentally Different and Better

SunPower Maxeon solar panels are designed to be different and proven to be better across more than five cell generations, 3.5 billion cells and 30 million panels, even in the harshest conditions. Conventional solar cells lose power over time because of corrosion and breakage. The unique design of SunPower Maxeon solar cells eliminates 86% of the reasons that conventional cells fail. So your SunPower panels  (and savings) continue to deliver year after year.


SunPower Invest with Confidence




All SunPower residential and commercial panels are backed by an industry-leading 25-year coverage of the SunPower Complete Confidence panel warranty. Each panel is manufactured with the absolute confidence to deliver more energy, reliability and savings over time and reinforced by extensive third-party testing and field data from more than 35 million panels deployed worldwide to ensure you get the best warranty available and complete peace of mind.


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