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Before discussing Tesla Powerwall Vs other batteries, let's discuss how solar panels work. Solar panels are made up of photovoltaic cells or PV cells.  These are linked together and create an electrical flow when sunlight hits the panels. Solar panels have two parts: the photovoltaic cell and the cover which holds the array of PV cells. Read more What Is The Difference Between The Tesla Powerwall Vs Other Batteries?

Do you want to know why solar panels work? Does Solar Energy Cause Pollution? We'll answer that question here in this article. The reason solar panels work is because of the sun's radiation.  Photovoltaic arrays require a significant amount of energy to manufacture, but the carbon output is extensively front-loaded. Photovoltaic systems generate zero-emission electricity for Read more Does Solar Energy Cause Pollution?

In the Australian National Broadband Policy, it is stated that "A future with cheap, sustainable and secure electricity supplied by renewable energy sources such as solar power, geothermal, biomass, wind and hydro has the potential to deliver a significant boost to Australia's economic growth."  There is a need to make this vision a reality. So, why Read more The Reasons Why You Should Switch To Solar Power for Your Home